Join the Community!

The Village Square is looking for entrepreneurs to develop a strong community in historic Jefferson City with quality living space, a great environment and businesses that will serve it’s customers.  Anybody can find an apartment or office space to rent in

Jefferson City, but few will find a community as unique as The Village Square.

What do we mean when we say the community is different or unique?

  1. Run of the mill isn’t good enough at The Village Square. You won’t be renting low quality living space with 100s of other tenants or high rent office space that isn’t worth the money!  You will be renting high quality, luxurious apartment space, office space or a historic retail cottage.
  2. The Village offers what? The Village offers furnished and unfurnished apartments and offices with water, sewer garbage, and parking included in the monthly lease price.
  3. Wait, I don’t have to hear yappy dogs or smell any cats? Nope, this is a pet-free environment!  Don’t worry about being awakened by any nocturnal beasts and the only smell you’ll have to worry about is the amazing smell of coffee from the in-house CoffeeHouse, which brings us to the next point…
  4. Are we at risk of being subjected to second-hand smoke? The Village doesn’t allow smoking, which, if you don’t smoke, this is great for you.  If you do smoke, you better quit soon if you want to rent one of these amazing spaces!
  5. There’s a Coffee House?  No way! Yep, it’s only feet from your door (Don’t worry, it’s separated from the living & office spaces).  Just think, every morning on your way to work, you walk out your front door, grab your favorite cup of Joe and start your day off right!  Or, stop by for lunch and grab a sandwich, then finish breakfast or lunch off right with a tasty pastry.
  6. Owners who want to serve their occupants! Seldom do occupants get to enjoy the owner’s of a facility like you will here.  They are retired professionals / entrepreneurs building their dream business called Cottage Industries of Jefferson City.  You won’t find better landlords, just ask the tenants!


Space is limited as there are six apartments,  & one penthouse suite, six to eight cottage retail suites ranging from 450 to 1100 sqft, custom designed for your unique business needs can be made available for lease immediately.


Click HERE to find out more about the apartment space.


To find out more about the Penthouse, click HERE.


The cottages are unique from any other office or commercial complex available for lease in Jefferson City.  Not only will space be available to lease in a small community with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners, but also you will have an opportunity to design your own space during the renovation process!  This offer is first come, first serve, so to get your unique space at The Village Square Cottages, please click HERE. Currently, multiple spaces are taken with renovations to units being completed on a regular basis.


  • Treats Parlor: Ice Cream / Yogurt, Cupcakes or Pastries To Go
  • Decor Gift Shop: Specialty Gifts, Cards or Florist
  • Studio: Music, Yoga or Fitness
  • Customized for Mid-Sized Business Office
  • Repurposed Furniture Consignment